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English Mock Test 07


English Mock Test 07


English Mock Test 07

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The bacteria in milk is destroyed when __ to at least 62¦C.

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Bad student never....hard

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Opening a conversation and bringing it to an end are essential parts of our __

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Before this year, I ............ move out of my parents house. I did not have a job.

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It is very pleasant to travel by steamer down the Thames __ Westminster to Tower Bridge.

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Can you give me . . . more information?

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The husband __ for Hong Kong as soon as he __ about her wife's accident.

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Choose the correct alternative to improve sentence.
The advancements in medical science ,has proved, to be a boon for all of us.

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No, I didn't ask the boss for more money today because he gave me one month's __.

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Choose the correct indirect: Give me some tea, mother.

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