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Trigonometry Formula PDF Download , Trigonometry Chart Sheet


Trigonometry Formula PDF Download , Trigonometry Chart Sheet

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To make your competitive exams even easier, today we have brought for you Trigonometry Formula PDF Download , Trigonometry Chart Sheet This pdf will play a very important role in your upcoming competitive exams like – Bank Railway Rrb Ntpc Ssc Cgl and many other exams.

This pdf is very important for the exam, it is being provided to you absolutely free, which you can download by clicking on the Download button below to get even more important pdfs. A. You can go pdf download in Riletid Notes is an online education platform, here you can download Pdf for all competitive exams like – Bank Railway Rrb Ntpc Upsc Ssc Cgl and also for other competitive exams. will update many more new Pdfs, keep visiting and update our posts and more people will get it

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सबसे पहले कुछ बातें जो याद रखनी हैं
1.  किसी भी समकोण (Right angle) के लिये सूत्र (formula) –  कर्ण2 = लम्ब2 + आधार2
2.  अब याद रखिये LAL/KKA, (लाल/ कक्का)  L- लम्ब, A- आधार, K- कर्ण
3.  अब इनका क्रम  sin θ , cos θ,  tan  θ,  तथा cot θ, sec  θ, cosec θ  इनके ठीक उल्टे होते हैं
a.  Sin θ= लम्ब / कर्ण,    cosec θ = कर्ण / लम्ब
b. cos θ= आधार / कर्ण,  sec  θ= कर्ण / आधार

c. tan  θ = लम्ब / आधार , cot θ = आधार/ लम्ब

4. आनुपातिक सम्बंध

1. sin θ.cosec θ = 1 , cosec θ = 1 / Sin θ ,
Sin θ = 1 / cosec θ
2. cos θ.sec  θ = 1 ,  sec θ = 1/ cos θ,
cos θ = 1 / sec θ
3. tan θ.cot θ = 1, cot θ= 1 / tan θ ,
tan θ = 1 / cot θ
4. tan θ = sin θ / cos θ, sin θ= cosθ.tanθ,
5. cos θ = sinθ/ tanθ, cot θ = cos θ / sin θ

अब देखते हैं त्रिकोणमिति के सामान्य तौर पर पूछे जाने वाले Tricky सवाल

Tricky Questions of Trigonometry
Q1. sin1.sin2.sin3……………sin180 = 0
Q2. cos1.cos2.cos3 …………cos90 = 0
Q3. tan1.tan2.tan3………….tan89 = 1
Q4. cot1.cot2.cot3…………..cot89 = 1
यदि x+y = 90 हो तो
Q5. Sec2x- Cot2y = 1
Q6. Sin2x + Sin2y = 1
Q7. cosec2x- Tan2y =1
अब देखते हैं न्युनतम तथा महत्तम मान
 Q8. A.Sin.X + B.Cos.Y
Q9. A.Sin.X + B.Sin.Y
Q10. A.Cos.X + B.Cos.Y
का महत्तम मान-  =   / x2 + y2                                         _________
तथा न्यूनतम मान =     – / x2 + y2Q11. Sin a. sin2a .sin4a =1/4. sin3aQ12. Cos a. cos2a. cos4a= 1/4 Cos3aQ13. tan a. tan2a. tan4a = tan3aQ14. यदि Sin x + cos y = z  है
तो Sin x – Cos y = /  2- z2

Click Here To Download Pdf:Trigonometry Formula PDF Download , Trigonometry Chart Sheet


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