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NCERT Geography Notes for UPSC

What You Should Not Do While Preparing a Geography Subject?

How tricky is Geography to prepare? Well, the answer to this question is a bit tricky since it varies from student to student. If you have an interest in this subject then you probably find it the easiest. The fact cannot be ignored that Geography is indeed a tricky subject to learn. But sometimes students make it even more tricky following wrong steps.

Here, we are going to share what you should not do if you want to prepare for this subject.

  • Do Not Procrastinate – Yes, you should not procrastinate if you want to prepare for this subject. Most students do not prepare for this subject until one day before the exam. You should give enough time to prepare for this subject. Only then you can churn out the best results. You need to keep pushing yourself every day. No matter how tired you are, do not skip your schedule even for a day. When you keep doing the same thing every day, it becomes easier. Studying geography will become easy for you. Your confidence and love for this tad boring subject will increase.
  • Say “NO” To Long Term Goal – Do not try to learn a lot within a short period. You should give enough time and make short-term oriented goals. When you accomplish each goal, you will feel great. Your level of confidence will start going to the next level. Apart from it, learning also becomes quite interesting. So, keep making short-term goals and keep accomplishing them.
  • Underestimating Attend Online Class/Course – You may also attend online classes to get a good grasp of this typical subject. Online classes are quite popular these days. Check the testimonials before saying YES to any class. Though you need to be careful while looking for an online tutor or course. Before saying YES to any online platform to find the best NCERT Geography Notes for UPSC, you must do enough research. Check online testimonials to make the right decision.
  • Do Not Use a Heavy Notebook – You should make notes using loose sheets instead of any notebook. Do keep them in different folders. You may make two folders in what you keep notes and the next ones in what you keep after getting memorized. This sort of practice also keeps encouraging you to do better. The more you memorize, the more confident you will get. Notebooks are also not a good choice to go since they are bulky. Chances are high that you would not be carrying it more often because of being heavy.
  • Preparing Lengthy Wordy Information Is Wrong- While making notes, do not forget to make flow charts. The wordy information transforming into flowcharts is quite helpful to memorize. You may make flow charts whenever possible such as pictographic information. It is quite easy to read as well as retain wordy sentences. Flow charts make it quite easy to retain all the information.
  • Not Revising Notes – Revising notes is quite important regularly if you want to get good at geography or any other subject. The motto of making notes is memorizing all the important things. The first thing is to retain the information and the next one is to memorize the information. If you have prepared your NCERT Notes for UPSC so well but you are not revising them then it might not be helpful at all. You need to keep in mind that revising more often is the way to get more marks in the exam.

Conclusion –

We hope that shared information has truly made a difference in your study style. Hard work and determination are what you need to add to your preparation to get the best results.

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